Does reBloom live up to its promise?

Does reBloom live up to its promise?

I used to lay in bed, awake for hours on end only to realize that I had just two or three hours left before I actually had to wake up. In the rare event that I actually fell asleep on my first attempt, I typically woke up in the middle of the night because my body was confused that it had been asleep for over four hours at a time. Needless to say, I was constantly looking for ways to get a better sleep, without forming a reliance on sleeping pills. I came across reBloom and it seemed too good to be true. All natural. Non-habit forming. No grogginess. Their promise states that they’re dedicated to providing a non-habit forming, all-natural sleep drink to give you a better quality sleep, all while leaving you feeling refreshed for your best tomorrow. It was that aspect, looking ahead to tomorrow – that really hooked me. Many sleep aids focus on getting the best sleep that night. They knock you out and don’t worry about how you feel afterwards. reBloom promised me a morning where I would feel well-rested and refreshed, which is what I was so desperately seeking. I figured I would test it out.

The Subscription Experience

Price: 28-bottles for $60, free shipping
I decided to try reBloom. I chose to try out the 28-bottle subscription. I was pleasantly surprised when I received my first package from reBloom. It conveniently came in a few separate boxes so it wasn’t too bulky to store. The bottle had easy-to-use instructions, as well as information about what was inside this seemingly magical potion. The box reiterated the reBloom promise, which was comforting because it showed how confident the company was that this would help me sleep. It also had instructions for a referral program that I figured I would look into after trying it out for myself.

The instructions say to drink the bottle one bottle 30 minutes prior to bedtime, so I had one around 11:00pm and was soundly sleeping before midnight. To my surprise, I slept all through the night and woke up on my own at about 7:30am. I got over eight solid hours of sleep for the first time in I don’t even remember how long.. When I woke up, I felt completely refreshed, as reBloom promised I would. That’s not to say I didn’t still need my regular cup (or two) of coffee, but I was definitely more well rested than usual (from my 5-6 hours of sleep).

I think that this was the perfect amount of reBloom for me. The best part about subscribing was of course, the free shipping, additional discounts and also never worrying about having to pick up a sleep remedy from the drug store at 2am after failing to fall asleep for 3 hours. It was mailed to me on a regular basis so I always had a reBloom on deck.


reBloom provided me with a sound night’s sleep and a not-so-terrible morning, which is more than I expect or ask for from a sleep aid. The value is better than sleep drinks that I’ve tried from local drug stores, at significantly less than $3.00 a bottle. After what seemed like an endless search, I’ve finally found a sleep remedy that works for me.

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