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About Us

The Inspiration

Sleep should be simple. Easy as that. Unfortunately, life is pretty good at getting in the way. Between late nights in the office, early morning workouts, weekend drinks, and the like, painfully frequent sleepless nights seem to be inevitable.

Here at reBloom, we know those nights as well as anybody. But, convinced that finding a solution for better sleep should be nothing to lose (more) sleep over, we made it our business to find a remedy to the problem. We wanted to create a product that wouldn’t just promise a good night’s sleep every evening, but would follow through; a product that we’d be just as confident entrusting our own nights too as we would be when asking our customers to do the same; a product that would help us rest and recharge night after night, and rise and re-bloom day after day.  

The Formula

When we came up with the idea of bottling the formula for a restful night into a sweet, convenient, and non-habit forming sleep drink, we knew there was no better place to look for that formula than in nature itself. From flowering blooms like lavender and chamomile to melatonin and valerian, reBloom has nothing but simple, real ingredients that you can feel good about putting in your body in the interest of better sleep. These are ingredients that prioritize true relaxation and calmness as they help you work your way towards quality shut eye.

The Journey

As with any of life’s little problems, better sleep isn’t something that comes overnight (no pun intended). Rather, it’s a journey, and it’s one that we like to think we’re all on together. That’s why the reBloom team is all about working creatively, collaboratively, and carefully to make sure that we fix sleep troubles hand-in-hand, one sip at a time.