In a time not too long gone, the town of Bloomville could be found in a valley not all too far away. It was a pleasant and fertile place encircled by lush fields, clusters of crops and gardens of cascading herbs. Resplendent and fruitful as it was, the town of Bloomville was cursed by sleeplessness. The days were filled with hard work, harvest and pleasantries, but the nights brought only restlessness, despair and the familiar sounds of tossing and turning. For months on end not one Bloomvillian slept a wink. 


During those sleepless nights, the entire town gathered to try and put an end to their curse. Each night they jumped and danced and sang and sweat and talked themselves to the point of a bottomless fatigue- but they never slept. Hundreds of dusks and dawns passed in this way until one fateful night, when hope appeared in the form of a little girl with a blanket.

On this night, all of Bloomville gathered to pass the time and pray for sleep- all but one. Hours passed before the Bloomvillians, in their sleepless states, realized the little girl was missing. She wasn’t in the town square and hadn’t been seen for hours and hours. The town bell clattered and head counts were taken as search parties combed through the crops where the little girl loved to wander. The girl was found in a state that shocked each and every Bloomvillian. She was soundly asleep in her bed, with a basket of herbs and plants beside her. 


“She’s broken the curse! How has she done it?!” shouted the townspeople. The racket awoke the little girl, who rubbed her eyes and peered out from beneath her blanket. 

“Sleeping!” She smiled and patted the freshly picked plants. “These made me really sleepy!”

Within hours the little girl’s natural mixture was made and the magic of sleep was bottled for everyone. The soundest of slumbers fell upon a town that for once, woke up refreshed and ready to bloom once more.